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Viktoria Richards Chocolates

About VR Chocolates


About VR Chocolates®
The Viktoria Richards Story
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Chocolate has always been a part of Victoria Boyko's life. In fact, growing up in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, her first word may have been chocolate! She still vividly recalls childhood trips to the Hershey factory. Several times a year, her family participated in a traditional Pennsylvania fund raiser that sold chocolates produced by a local candy manufacturer. Her family garage was transformed into a chocolate wonderland as it served as the drop-off location for rows upon rows of these heavenly confections.

No one seemed surprised when she announced that she was heading off to Europe for college! As her family wished her "Bon Voyage!", she anticipated the delectable chocolate confections that awaited her! Her most memorable European chocolate experience occurred at a movie theater in Lucerne, Switzerland while watching the film Saturday Night Fever! It was here that she discovered Gianduja, that wonderful combination of hazelnuts and chocolate. Of course Gianduja Tiles are available for sale on the website!

She graduated from both the American College-Lucerne, Switzerland, and the American College London, England. Her study abroad memories are full of the wonderful chocolate shops of Lucerne and Zurich, Paris and Brussels, and she has revisited them each time she has returned to Europe.

After a number of years as an executive with several successful American retailers, she moved to Toronto, Canada. Her passion for chocolate was re-ignited when she saw that a local Toronto Confectioner was offering hands-on classes in chocolate making. She signed up for the course and was on her way to what would become a year's worth of study in the art of chocolate making in both Toronto and Montreal. Combining her years as a successful business leader in the fashion industry with her degree in art and design, she has developed the Viktoria Richards Chocolates brand.

After returning to the United States, she decided to open an internet based, fine chocolate business that would deliver wonderfully fresh, hand-made chocolates directly to its customers. Since 2008, Viktoria Richards Chocolates has been selling its products at select retailers and at its retail boutique / production centre located near Tampa Florida.

The Viktoria Richards Chocolates brand conveys Victoria's unique sense of creativity.  In keeping with her Russian roots she chose to use the traditional spelling of her name, Viktoria.