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Viktoria Richards Chocolates

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Viktoria Richard's interpretation of traditional recipes with contemporary designs make each of her chocolates truly unique. She prepares each confection using the finest and freshest ingredients without preservatives. Victoria takes great pride in creating one of kind confections that are simply delightful while using only the finest of European chocolate.

Her passion is reflected in her belief that every single confection in her collection is a "Chocolate made for you"®

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The Flavors

Coconut Chocolate
Mint Chocolate
Earl Grey Tea and Lavender Chocolate
Chai Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Coconut
Dark chocolate ganache filled with bits of toasted coconut.
Fresh Mint
A pleasant
infusion of freshly picked mint leaves.
Earl Grey Lavender
Dargeeling tea enfused with bergamot and a touch of lavender make this belgian milk chocolate ganache a tea lovers favorite.
Chai Masala
The classic indian tea. Hints of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla present themselves in a Belgian milk chocolate ganache.
Nesting doll with lemon puree and vodka
Cuban Espresso Chocolate
Cappucino Chocolate
Raspberry Chocolate
Lemon Vodka
Nesting Doll
Lemon puree plus a hint of vodka
in a Belgian milk ganache and housed in French dark chocolate shell.
Cuban Espresso
Locally roasted Cuban
style espresso in a Belgian dark chocolate  ganache.
Aromatic cuban coffee drenched in a rich shell of Belgian dark chocolate.
Red raspberries blended with milk chocolate cast in dark chocolate.
Strawberry Chocolate
Blueberry Chocolate
Pineapple Chipotle Truffle
Sangria Truffle
Strawberry Reisling
A ganache of milk chocolate and sweet strawberries and a local strawberry reisling wine.
Velvety milk chocolate and blueberries encased in a dark chocolate heart.
Pineapple Chipotle
A dark chocolate ganache with pineapple and subtle hints of chipotle.
White Nights Sangria
A balance of sangria, blood orange, strawberry and maraschino cherries in a Belgian milk chocolate ganache.
Peanut Butter Pretzel Caramel Praline
Morello Cherry
Hazelnut Praline
P. B. Pretzel Caramel
A crunchy pretzel peanut butter caramel ganache encased in dark chocolate.
Morello Cherry Caramel
A tart dried Italian cherry in a milk chocolate ganache with a hint of caramel. Encased in dark chocolate.
Hazelnut Praline
Freshly ground hazelnuts and hazelnut praline paste make this dark chocolate ganache a real favorite.
Dark chocolate ganache infused with vanilla beans.
Pumpkin Caramel
Key Lime
Blueberry Wine
Pumpkin Blood Orange Caramel
A soft caramel combined milk chocolate, pumpkin puree and ginger bread spices.
A  balance of mint and lime presented in milk chocolate,
provides the essence of the tradtional cuban beverage.
 Mango - Key Lime
A delicate combination of Belgian milk chocolate and real Florida key lime.
Wild Berry Pinot Noir
  A pinot noir wine fused with four locally grown berries provides this Belgian milk chocolate ganache its unique flavor.
Peanut butter in a French dark chocolate shell
Champagne Chocolate Heart
Sea Salt Infused Soft Caramel
New Product Coming
Peanut Butter
Natural peanut butter with Belgian milk chocolate in a French Dark chocolate shell.
Champagne Heart
Champagne presented in a milk chocolate ganache inside a dark chocolate shell.
Dark Chocolates Sea Salt Caramel
A sea salt influenced soft carmel ganache.
  New Product 
Viktoria develops new flavors throughout the year.
New Product Coming
New Product Coming
New Product Coming
New Product Coming
New Product
Viktoria develops new flavors throughout the year.
  New Product
  Viktoria develops new flavors throughout the year.
New Product
  Viktoria develops new flavors throughout the year.
New Product
  Viktoria develops new flavors throughout the year.